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Lynn Pearson's architectural history blog

Traditional Prefabricated Buildings

Searching out Britain's old iron and timber buildings, one by one

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Welcome to Lynn Pearson's blog about old corrugated iron and timber prefabricated buildings. From tin tabernacles to ancient cricket pavilions, we love them all!

Any ideas about where this pavilion-type edifice could be? Looks like it might be the pitch-oriented back of a building facing the opposite way. Sport - maybe cricket, bowls, or? Use the little green chat box to contact me.

Embleton, Northumberland

This fabulous corrugated iron garage - combining repairs, petrol/diesel sales and a small shop - dates back to the 1920s, when doubtless it would have been seen as an 'eyesore' because of its structure. But not any more! The local council sees it as a heritage asset, and it's certainly a thriving asset to the local community.


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Cricket Pavilions out in March 2024

Published by Amberley Publishing, my book on the architectural history of cricket pavilions will be available from mid-March 2024. It is packed with illustrations (140 in 96 pages, archive images and colourful photos) and results from years (decades!) of research, not to mention my experience of playing the game in the last century....


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