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Sydenham Cricket Club

This peculiar pavilion, seen here c1908, stood at the Woolstone Road ground of Sydenham Cricket Club in south London. The club was established in 1872 - members held it to be the third oldest club in the south of the capital - as Kelvin CC. Originally it was limited to the founding members, but popularity brought a name change and a change of heart. Grounds were scarce, rents were high, and the club moved several times before renting Woolstone Road, which was located south of the (now former) fire station in Perry Vale.

The pavilion looks to be portable - useful if a club has to change grounds - and appears to be made of (16?) corrugated iron wall panels with a tent-like roof. I've seen many catalogues issued by portable building manufacturers, but never come across anything quite like this - yet. One reason for the lack of potential cricket grounds was the amount of building works in London, and after the club disbanded in 1911 (the name was then taken by another club) the ground was first diminished, leaving tennis courts, and then disappeared altogether. So another little chunk of London's cricketing history was gone, but we can always remember the club's unique pavilion.


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