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Tranmere 1888

It is the end of the 1888 cricket season, and here we see Tranmere Cricket Club, winners of the L. & D. A. C. A. challenge cup, with their trophy. (I think this must be the Liverpool & District Amateur Cricket Association.) Tranmere CCC played in the town's Mersey Park, which opened in July 1885, around the time the club was formed. Their handsome and rather ornate pavilion was built in summer 1886 at a cost of £70. It was a wooden structure, put up by local builders, with a galvanised iron roof. The whole was more elaborate than a typical club pavilion of the time, and at a cost of £70, cheaper than something similar available from prefabricated building specialists. The pavilion lasted until at least the late 1930s, but has since been lost, and the club too has disappeared; even in their trophy-winning season the team had on-pitch disagreements about changes of bowling... Fortunately however there is still a cricket club in Tranmere, with a ground in nearby Victoria Park.


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